What do I do in Open Office Writer to access Spanish accents?

I will be taking a test this week for my Spanish class and I am required to use my computer to respond to questions in Spanish. In order to do this, I have to be able to shift to Spanish characters and accents. I don’t know how this is done. Please help me out here.

(Cannot answer the specific question, but want to mention that this site is about LibreOffice, not OpenOffice)

This is an operating system, language setting and keyboard question not LibreOffice. On my Linux-mint system, English-GB language, with English International keyboard,I use the Alt-GR key to provide two extra Keyboard levels. The keyboard provides accents including French, German. do not know about Spanish.

You should pose this question to your operating system suppport.

As stated above by @petemau, you need to select the Spanish keyboard layout in your operating system. You will have to find out how to do that on your operating system.

Once you get it done, then the Spanish accents are made by typing the “[” key and then the vowell you want (The “[” key by itself will produce no visible output until another key is pressed). The ñ is produced by pressing the ‘;’ key. Beware, other punctuation keys will be moved around. Before you start, open a document and play with all the keys on your keyboard, making a note of what’s different. This will also be helpful for finding the upside-down question mark (and the right-side-up one, which will be in a different place), and the upside-down exclamation point.

Don’t forget to reset your keyboard back to English when you’re done. ¡Suerte!