What does 'conflicted' mean in synced file name? pcloud

Hi. I have been using LO for several club’s accounts for many years. The LO spreadsheets are stored in folders by year along with other ‘stuff’ relating to that year. I have recently had a new LO sheet ‘appear’ in this year’s folder called ‘Accounts 2019-2020[conflicted].ods’ alongside the original file ‘Accounts 2019-2020.ods’ What does [conflicted] mean ? The sheet appears to open and function normally. The file has appeared on both my Linux & Windows machines, but since the files are synced between the different systems using pcloud, I cannot say where (Win10 or Linux) the file originated.

LO on Linux Mint 19.3 32bit (on a very old laptop)
LO on Win10 64bit

Most possibly that [conflicted] comes from your “pcloud”, like when it sees that the file has been modified on both systems since being last synchronized, and so it decides to keep both copies.

Thanks for that info Mike Kaganski. I checked up on the files, and it appears I had forgotten to shut down one of the copies, so in fact two versions were open simultaneously. Now I know what it is, I can sort it out. Thanks

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