What does object information in Calc status bar mean?

On the status bar, there is a handy area that shows the sum or other functions of selected cells.

But what happens when an object is selected? When I select a chart, for example, this area shows 0.00/1.72. I thought it might show the dimensions of an object, but no object could have a dimension of 0.00.

If this area does not show the dimensions, what does it show? Or is this a bug?


You should be seeing two items in this section:

image description

The item on the left is the upper left corner location in relation to the upper left corner of cell A1 - it’s relative position on the sheet. The item on the right is the dimension of the object itself.

Oh, thank you, Ratslinger. I did not realize that the area is so big and that there are two items, rather than one. It seems obvious now and I am amazed that I didn’t see both items before. Goes to show how narrow our perception can be.
The little icons also make perfect sense.
Thanks again.