What fonts installed with LibreOffice?

What fonts (if any) are installed with LibreOffice by default? If operating system matters, I’m asking about LibreOffice installed on a Linux (Fedora-35) work station, not windows, not apple devices.

Definitely. As @ajlittoz mentioned, Linux distro packages do not include fonts; but e.g. Windows MSI packages do include them.

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You can find a .zip file of the fonts packaged to the LO for Windows at the Portable Apps:



And I think it is a good thing: it avoids possible conflicts between OS and app-suggested fonts. In addition user is fully in control of what gets installed. But this freedom implies user is somehow aware of how a “modern” computer software is structured (the main independent and optional components).


I understand, and I agree that that is a good policy.


This doc mentions:

The list of fonts bundled with LibreOffice has changed over time, so to see a complete list, navigate to the /opt/libreofficeX.x/share/fonts/ directory (Linux) or /Applications/LibreOffice.app/Contents/Resources/fonts/ (macOS).

That is a bit confusing, if Linux distro packages do not include fonts, then what is that doc referring to by “bundled fonts”?

Probably to what you can download from the LibreOffice site. Distro maintainers have the liberty to adapt the generic FreeDesktop.org configuration for specific purpose. This leads to the various Linux “families” (Debian and Fedora are two widely known such families). As a consequence, application material provided by developers are then tuned and optimised to fit in the distro philosophy. This includes moving parts in different directories or removing others because they are provided elsewhere by the distro principles.

To illustrate this, my Fedora /opt is empty.

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Illustrating @ajlittoz point, my Slackware LibreOffice installation has some 40 font families with numbers of variants of some families.

LO packages don’t install any fonts, at least under Fedora.

LO inherits any font you’ve installed in your OS. Note however that “Type 1 fonts” are no longer supported: they may still be installed in the OS but won’t be listed nor used by LO. Type 1 fonts are less and less common these days. Unless you download fonts from legacy types, you won’t meet them.

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ok. Thank-you, “ajlittoz”. You even answered something else I was wondering about: fonts that are no longer supported.