What formula do i need to drag a column/line of fractions into one of percentages?

How do i automatically turn fractions into percentages in a neighboring cell and then drag-copy the formula along a whole column/line to turn all fractions into percentages in the neighboring column/line?

For this, there is a percentage format of the number that will be copied when filling in the cells.

One column has simple fractions, fraction format. The column next to it has the percentage format. I am selecting a fraction from the first column and dragging it to the second column. Shouldn’t it appear as the equivalent percentage? Eg 4/5 turns into 80%. Correct? Instead, what i see is that 4/5 turns into 1 4/5 in the second column.

Drag while holding Ctrl, then apply Format as Percent (Ctrl+Shift+5 the 5 in the upper row of the keyboard).

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Many thanks for the help.

You’re welcome.