What happened to the automatic Ellipsis?

Alright, earlier I was writing, and I copied and pasted something in a different language for a file, which wasn’t unusual for me, I had it set so I’d still keep the English (US) setting after I set those words to not be affected by spell check… but all of a sudden, my Ellipsis wouldn’t change from 3 periods automatically… and it was on the English (US) Setting so I don’t know what happened… but, I use Ellipsis a lot, and I really wanna know the permanent fix for them… I’ve already tried Autocorrect, but it frustrates me that I have to put a space between the Ellipsis and the word I’m putting it with… so, please… permanent fixes anyone?
I’d GREATLY appreciate anything that would help.

(Edit: changed each ‘eclipse’ in the text for ‘Ellipsis’ (…) (U+2026 HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS) -AK)

Supposedly ellipsis/ellipses?

By default, the Autocorrect options for English do include a rule to convert .*... to , where .* tells to not require a space between the ellipsis and the preceeding word. If you don’t use that prefix, then the space would be required, of course.

Reference for this is in LibreOffice help.