What happens if I unclick "Use a java runtime environment" in options?

LibreOffice Calc freezes and crashes all the time, LibreOffice Writer as well but in less amount. I can be doing anything and suddenly won’t respond, have to kill it through terminal and hope my progress will be in recovery. From using the drop down menu on a cell to writing or clicking on cells too fast, it all crashed LibreOffice Calc.

Read here it could be a java problem and one solution was to use open jdk (already in my machine) and to set that option in LibreOffice. The option “java”, as said in that comment, is no longer there but found the option of “Use a java runtime environment”. What happens if I unclick it? Could my problems decrease?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am on Fedora 26, open-jdk 1.8, LibreOffice 5.3


Java is much less used today in LO then it was over 5 years ago when the referred to question was asked. In fact, the person who actually asked the question stated later in an answer that re-installing actually solved the problem and nothing about Java. Java was only mentioned by others. Have used Oracle JRE, JDK & open-jdk for years now and has never been a problem.

Java is mostly needed by default Base databases & macros/scripts.

You may want to try running in Safe Mode - from menu Help->Restart in Safe Mode... and if this corrects the problems it’s something wrong in the user profile. If you are using a Fedora distro version this may also be a source of the problem.

I have done several fresh installs (removing and then installing again) and none of them have worked in the past. My understanding is the profile is also deleted with the fresh installs.

I just tried safe mode and it still froze, but it took a lot longer for it to freeze so that’s something.

I am on Fedora, why is that the source of the problem?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

A fresh install does nothing with the user profile. This is retained as it contains your personal settings. This post (click here) relates to resetting the user profile.

The mention of Fedora distro version (LO downloaded/installed directly from Fedora) is that these versions are not exactly the same as other versions. They are typically tested/modified by the distributor prior to release. Have seen on a number of occasions (including from Fedora) where something was missed in the release causing a problem no one else with the same release had.

So should I download a .rpm from LibreOffice’s webpage and install it rather than use dnf through terminal? The error showing up in safe mode means the user profile isn’t involved right?

I don’t know what error you are getting unless you mean the part about freezing/crashing. I am not familiar with Fedora. My distros are Ubuntu based. It has been recommended to use a PPA (last ans in this post. However I have always gotten my releases directly from TDF (LO web page as you state). I’m just stating this is a possibility. If it works you may want to report the problem.

Whatever you end up doing, it does appear the user profile has something to do with the problem as you had less problems in safe mode. Rename it at the least so it won’t be used in the new install. In fact, before doing anything with installing anew and deleting the current, rename the profile & try LO. If still a problem proceed from there.