What happens to closed questions in LibreOffice forum

I searched and found a problem at images ported from odp to pptx dark, but the question was closed. I found a solution at Dark pictures in ODT document from LibreOffice - Microsoft Community, and was able to provide the URL in the comments of the close question.

Will the closed question eventually disappear from the forum? If so, that’s one link to the answer that will disappear.

On a related note, how does one request that the question be re-opened? I think it would be a good idea to replicate the solution as an answer to the question (properly cited) in case the solution disappears from where it currently resides. That can’t be done in the comments.


Have re-opened the question. You may want to post your comment as an answer there.

Thanks, Ratslinger. I posted the answer. I also upvoted your comment, but the up-arrow is red, so I hope it isn’t flagging it as breaching some guideline.

All is good.

All questions and answers will remain here until the site is killed. A closed question is just a closed question, a question that has been answered.

replicate the solution in this forum

It is not a forum. It is a questions and answers site.

Thanks, gabix. I’m not sure whether your referring to a very specific technical definition of “forum” but I meant it in its plain English colloquial sense.

There had been a discussion about closed/not closed status. Some high-karma contributors here considered that closing a question was not a good idea because an answer can always be improved, even years after. The consensus was then to stop closing questions except when they obviously appeared as spam, offensive or off-topic. The most important point is a question must not remain unanswered.

I know that for some weeks now a user (I will not disclose his name) has undertaken to review old unclosed questions to checks some as answered when a relevant answer has been provided and close them.

This clearly contradicts the consensus above, but I think he was inactive when the debate was going on.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to contact him privately from here to warn him about that.

@JustA.NotherUser, I’m not referring to any definition of forum. I’m referring to the definition of this site’s scope (see the How to use the Ask site link on the main page).

@gabix: I get why “forum” is not right – it’s not an open exchange of ideas, it’s focused on answering questions. Thanks for pointing out that clarification!