What happens to exported DOC document when recipient does not have Liberation fonts?

I am working on a document in LibreOffice and I need to send it in DOC. I used Liberation Serif. What will happen to recipient when he/ she opens this document and Liberation Serif is not installed on his/ her computer? Is LibreOffice (somehow) saving Times New Roman as alternative or it is what Microsoft Word will assume?

Thank you in advance. I would check this but I all my computers have LibreOffice installed.

Most likely the recipient will work on a system having a well configured font replacement established. Again most likely this will be a Windows (R) system where ‘Liberation Serif’ and ‘Liberation Sans’ may be replaced with the catch-all fonts ‘Times New Roman’ and ‘Arial’ respectively.

If you work on a non-Windows system and open a MS-Office document created using some Windows (or MS) typical fonts which are not embedded, these will be appropriately replaced in reverse.

Thanks. But does MS Word know that Times New Roman is appropriate replacement for Liberation Serif? Is this written in DOC document somehow?

I cannot test with word. However, in the world of text there are many fonts and font families used for different purposes, desigiung pages for the web, e.g. and any OS will have to provide means to display them (more or less) by properly replacing them with those of (nearly) the same metrics at least. MS will surely know that the Liberation fonts exist and that they were designed to replace the MS catchall fonts free of licensing. TNR and Arial are working around older rights in their turn, too

If a Windows system has installed Liberation fonts, there is no need of replacement at all. If Word (and Excel…) don’t replace correctly on a system without the free fonts, this will not be due to a lack of knowledge on behalf of MS, but on malignancy. Might someone tell who is running Word… on such a system?

I would try this:
File > Properties > tab Font > check: Embed fonts in the document.

Unfortunately I cannot make a test for the same reason as you. LibO only.

Does this work with DOC and DOCX as well or only ODT?

I saved a test file with “Embedded font” checked as docx and reopening this file in LibO showed the check mark where is set it. However, I cannot test with WORD - don’t have MSO anymore.

thank you for your effort. I decided to use Times New Roman as default font, and created Replacement table with Liberation Serif. This way, I can use Liberations Serif, but when saving to DOC it is saved as Times New Roman.

@Ljiljan - Glad you found a solution.

I use Word 2007 and have recently installed LibreOffice to look at it. I created a test doc using Liberation Serif and saved as a .docx it without embedding the font. Opening in Word it is in Liberation and Liberation is in the list of available fonts in Word. I assume the LibreOffice fonts were installed when I installed LibreOffice - the date on the font confirms this. So an alternative would be for your user to install LibreOffice to get all the fonts installed. They could then remove LibreOffice if the did not want to keep it.


Ok, in your case this is expected. Font was installed when you installed LibreOffice. But sometimes I need to send DOC document to co-workers who didn’t install LibreOffice. And since i like Liberation Serif, I usually forget to change default font to Times New Roman :slight_smile: so, I was just wondering what will happen to document (which font will be used as replacement).