What Hardware and OS to Meet LO Calc Performance Tests?

I’m planning to buy a used or new laptop. I’d like it to work with large blocks of cells without slow performance, crashes, hangups, or other problems. Two concrete examples of what I’d like to do are below.

With cells a1 to all4000 filled with numbers (max 4 characters), enter " =IF(AND(COUNTBLANK(A1:B1)=0,B1>100),A1," ") " into cell a4001, and then use the autofill handle to fill cells a4001to all8000 with the formula. Once I select down to all8000 and release the mouse button I’d like LO Calc to complete the calculation in less than 40 seconds.

I’d also like to be able to copy, delete, and paste blocks of 200k cells (4 charaters per cell max), with each operation taking no more than 1 second.

Ideally, I’d like to run Ubuntu or Linux Mint as the OS.

My budget is $500 max, but ideally as far below that as possible while still meeting performance tests.

Can you recommend a hardware/OS/LO combination? In particular, would a latitude e6420 work? Specs http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201011-6842/

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.

Your first copy take 1 second on an I3 with 4GB Win10 LibreOffice 5.2, and the same with copy/delete/past.

But calculations depends on the whole sheets and their formulas and relations, so without a sample spreadsheet for test, no one can give you an accurate answer.

Thank you. Tried to upvote you, but I don’t have enough points.

Let’s say that a1 to all4000 are autofilled, starting with “1” in cell a1. Nothing else on the sheet except the formula described in the OP, a4001 to all8000