What has changed in version Mail Merge Wizard - not working after update

I have a mail merge document that I have been using in LO (and earlier) with no problems. After updating to the wizard has only 5 steps showing (ver has 8 steps showing) in the left “Steps” pane on the screen and hangs up at on step 4 (Create salutation) when I hit Next>> without adding a salutation. I re-installed ver and that version still performs fine, as before. What do I need to do to get the get mail merge wizard to work properly?

See the answer in LO 6 Mailmerge does not create output

Apparently the extra screens have been replaced by a toolbar that perform the same functions. One difference is that you cannot see the merged result until you examine the saved file. A bit disconcerting the first time I tried this.

You can see the merged result, if you choose “Edit Individual Documents”.