What HTML standard is used for Save As HTML?

Current Save As HTML generates errors and deprecated HTML tags. Are there options available to control conversion from DOCX to HTML?

The “generates errors and deprecated HTML tags” is too vague. Have you reported this to bug tracker with clear explanation and steps to reproduce (including tools to check, examples of specific errors, and expected results)?

From LO v5.1.6.2, documents are exported at HTML v4.0 Transitional with multiple formatting errors and obsolete tags from just a short test document. Both the W3C and Validator.nu expect developers to be using HTML 5 and CSS3 by now. V4.0 Transitional is definitely deprecated.

@CADutchman : Are you using LO v5 or v6?

I have only LO v5 on my computers. Could someone with v6 convert a short test document to HTML and then post it inconspicuously on a web page somewhere? Then validate it by using


i use Libreoffice 6.2.0 and save as creates HTML 4 transitional but if I want HTML without Meta Tags I will use Bluegriffon available from https://www.http://bluegriffon.org/