What is a compelling reason for me to use LibreOffice over OpenOffice or StarOffice?

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I’m sure someone in this Community Forum, whether it be a LibreOffice Developer or User, has studied and learned the differences LibreOffice over OpenOffice or StarOffice. As a reference point and a matter of fact, StarOffice was the first fully functioning Open Source Free Office Suite as an alternative to Microsoft Office. I know because I downloaded it when it was released but, I never did go through the learning curve to be able to jettison MS Office. But, 20 odd years later I’m tired of the interface changes and with my new machine having the newly released and highly buggy Windows 10 Home (the unwitting public has become MS’s Beta Testers) and frickin’ MS Office 365. I’m just feed up and if I’m going to have to go through an arduous learning curves it may as well be with a distribution of Linux and an Open Source Office Suite. So now comes the research and that is why I posed the question.
A follow-up question would be… "What are the differences between LibreOffice over OpenOffice or StarOffice to make LibreOffice the preferred choice? I’ll be looking forward to all input

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In 1999 Sun Microsystems acquired StarOffice from the StarDivision. In 2010 Oracle acquired Sun and re-branded it to Oracle Open Office. Soon after in 2011, Oracle Open Office was discontinued. So now it is really down to the other two more prominent derivatives – LibreOffice (LO) vs Apache OpenOffice (AOO).

Being derivatives of the open source OpenOffice.org, both LO and AOO offer fairly similar look and feel. You can easily find various opinions on LO vs AOO in the Internet. The key point is LO has had far more frequent software releases than AOO – an indication of the product is in active development. If you value this aspect then LO has an edge here. Also, I noticed LO offers 64-bit version for Windows. AOO is only availble in 32-bit flavor for Windows.

Additionally, the licensing of LO and AOO mean that LO can accept all patches from AOO, whereas AOO is more restricted in what LO patches it can accept.

To begin, StarOffice isn’t around anymore (the last release was in December 2010 under Oracle OpenOffice). Even if you did get a copy, it wouldn’t be up-to-date with newer UI, and possibly some features.

Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice are both derivatives of the code from Oracle OpenOffice (the successor to Star Office). The biggest differences between the two are going to be how frequently LibreOffice is updated (which is far more) in comparison to OpenOffice. Those who value constant update and new features/tools would prefer LibreOffice. And, from what I’ve found, LibreOffice appears to have better adoption by individuals, as well as commercial organizations which should count for something when making your decision.