What is a merged range and how can it be un-merged?

Trying to delete a group of cells resulted in an error message that the selected cells are in a merged range. I know how to merge cells, and I never merged these, so how to I un-merge them? For that matter, how do I even know cells are merged when they appear to be single cells?

From the Help file:-

You can select adjacent cells, then
merge them into a single cell.
Conversely, you can take a large cell
that has been created by merging
single cells, and divide it back into
individual cells.

Splitting Cells:-

  1. Place the cursor in the cell to be split.
  2. Choose Menu:Format Merge Cells Split Cells

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When a merged celll is selected merge button is dark.

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Hi - Another one…

Right click the selection, context menu offers Split Cells if it contains merged cells