What is a Tag and why

where I loan my friend non interest purchases that eventually I will receive a cash payment that will allow the spreadsheet to show that purchases are now fully paid and any short falls indicated until next cash payment

Your description doesn’t seem to be related to your question title; please reword your question’s description to make it more relevant.

Also your question reads “what is a tag and why”… this is an incomplete question; what do you mean by “why”? Do you mean “why do we use them”?


This description is also a duplicate of Using Calc as a form of account

Yes Why do you need Tags for what to me is a simple request?

Your “answer” is not an answer to the original question… anyway, tags help to categorize questions; also people can subscribe to tags (for their area of expertise) and ignore all questions with tags that don’t match the tags they subscribed to, so tagging a question properly increases the chance to receive the correct answer (if the question was formulated such that it can be answered). Also, tags are considered when suggesting existing questions/answers while searching.