What is an easy way to navigate through lists?

I have a bunch of lists in a 100+ page document. I may have used some abc and ivx lists. I want to navigate through them, and change them to only bulleted and 123 numbered.

It does not seem to be possible with navigator or table of contents.

AltSearch.oxt can be your Swiss knife.
Install the extension (probably shut down LibreOffice and start again) and then…

  • click in a list, could be manually formatted (better: list style)
  • start AltSearch.oxt, enable regular expressions
  • open 3rd top position (properties or similar, in German UI Eigenschaften)
  • find [:::NumberingStyleName=::]
  • hit repeatedly search and go through single lines of listings in your document
  • search all will select each list in your document

When found, apply a list style, better associate to paragraph styles list styles (see @ajlittoz ! Best advice for you!) and apply to the found list(s).

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Only if your document is styled according to “semantic markup”, i.e. you assigned styles to your text to reflect significance, this can be done.

In your case, it appears you have two different (significance-wise) list categories:

  • one to give unordered additional details, i.e. they can be read in any order without changing the meaning of the local discourse
  • one to give ordered instructions, like a procedure where the order of execution should be followed absolutely lest the result is completely changed

Then the paragraphs themselves should have different paragraph styles. You associate to these paragraph styles a list style like built-ins Bullet â‹… or Numbering 123.

You can find paragraph formatted by a given paragraph style with Edit>Find & Replace. You then change the paragraph style for another one if it makes sense.

Other than that, changing the numbering or bullet in already adequately styled document is only a matter of changing the association between the paragraph and list styles. Or you can also customise the list style alone.

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