What is an upvote? how do I mark an answer as good?

1 - what is an upvote?

2 - how do I mark an answer as good?

I cannot find an arrow to mark a response as being a good one, a question as having been answered sufficiently. thought I’d had it and did mark one such answer to one question. but now I cannot find an arrow to duplicate that action…

Just click


but what IS an upvote? you have showed me where the check mark is, funny that I didn’t see that on every page. that is so I can find the answer to questions when the questions come up again because I have forgotten the answer. good thing. thank you. and I clicked on that up pointed arrow and a number one appeared under it where there is now a zero. when I reclicked the 1 turned back to a zero. so what? what does any of that mean or do? for me, for you, for other people?

Only the author of the question can mark the answer as correct (this can be done by the moderator of the resource if the author of the question received an answer and left without saying goodbye). If you see that someone gave a good answer to the question asked not by you and want to confirm that the answer is good, deserves attention - vote. You can vote (approve someone else’s answers) 60 times a day. Each vote adds several points to the karma of the author of the answer (cancellation of the voice takes away these points).


If several answers are given to a question, a large number of votes can help users choose a good option. Even if the author of the question called one answer correct, and the rest of the community members voted for another answer - this sometimes happens.

In the Users section (top right corner of page), you can see the karma of each of them.

Note that when you downvote a question/answer, both the question/answer author’s and your karma reduces (their by 10 points, yours by 2 points).

You can also upvote (not downvote) comments (hover the mouse on a comment to see an arrow appear at the left side). This won’t affect anyone’s karma.

thank you gabix,that is all extremely interesting. I probably won’t remember but that has definitely affected my attitude towards this whole Ask LO community forum. in a rather negative manner actually.

This is not a forum. This is a questions-and-answers site. Its goal is to find best answers, not to be a comfortable place for chatting.

Perhaps, realizing this fact may change your attitude.

@JohnSUN - are you telling me that I could go into other users’ profiles? I had no idea… I could “see the karma of each”??? hmmmmmmmmmmmm… causing Me to see this forum in even a more negative light than the info gabix shared about the voting and point system.

the your karma change log was as confusing as it was enlightening… but it doesn’t matter. I came here to ask questions and get help in using LibreOffice. because for whatever reason THIS is the way the foundation wanted us to get the info.

but what I found was way different, more or less depending on one’s perspective, than a help resourse.

for now I am backing out of this. totally. maybe permanently, we shall see after I have time to mull over all I have discovered today.

thank you one and all…

There is no upvote command in any LO component (Writer, Calc, …).

In case this is not the answer you expect, edit your question and retag it to better identify the topic.

Namely, retag to meta.