What is causing background color/shade in Draw?

I saved a PNG image from the web and opened it with Draw. I can’t figure out how to get rid of the background color or shading.

The graphic style is “Object with no fill and no line.” I don’t see settings in the Properties pane that would create color or shading. Background in Page Setup is set to None. Shadow is not selected. No transparency is selected.

I am not familiar with Draw but am sure that there is a setting somewhere that would eliminate this color/shade. The file is attached. Help greatly appreciated. chelmsford.PNG

If you mean this light blue as “background color/shading” so try this:

  • Open the PNG file on LibreOffice
    (Draw starts)
  • menu Tools > Color replacer
  • Use pipette etc. and change color to transparency or white or something else color
  • Export again as PNG file (Selection + dialog); note that the original file cannot be replaced, choose another file name



Thank you so much. Just what I needed.