What is Libre Office equivalent of Microsoft Office Outlook?

I am a fan of LibreOffice since the day I came to know about you. I hated Microsoft monopoly in everything.

Writer replaces Word, Calc replaces Excel, Impress replaces PowerPoint, Draw replaces Paint while Base replaces Access / SQL Server.

But, need to know what replaces outlook?

There is no mail/calendar/whatever else Outlook does component in LibreOffice. If you just want mail, Thunderbird seems to be a popular mail client - see features at https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/features/

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Thanks for a prompt response. But why not?

It is a open source software - if developers can develop Email Client, that will be great.

Thunderbird is limited in features and very basic. Can’t replace Outlook.

Not being a part of the development team, I have no idea why not, except that possibly it isn’t seen as a necessary feature of LO. You can of course request the additional features at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ or, as this is open source, you may become directly involved as a code contributor.

VVHH before you write off Thunderbird have a look at a few of the Addins - they make a big difference to its usability - happy to take this further with you if you are curious and need some help.


Actually Thunderbird is a basic software. 1) It doesn’t auto sync new emails.
2) My outlook account contacts aren’t synced as well.
3) Further. I can’t configure Yahoo as Yahoo says as they have blocked it giving reasons - less security

If you know settings to be tweaked, please confirm.

I find that Thunderbird has a large set of features, and my guess is that there are solutions to the problems you describe. However, this is not the right forum to get such answers, because this site is for LibreOffice.