What is logic of find and replace for paragraph marks

I am not very familiar with find and replace in Writer. I would like to replace the sequence tab-paragraph return with just a paragraph return.

Using Alternative Find and Replace, the search criteria are \t$

I tried replacing that with \p but an additional paragraph mark gets added. I don’t understand why. I thought I was replacing a tab followed by a paragraph mark with just a paragraph mark. Why is there an extra paragraph mark?

Hope this is clear.

Hello @catbill,

To replace tab-return with just a paragraph return, you correctly entered \t$ into the search field, but the replace field should be \n in this case.

“\n in the Replace text box stands for
a paragraph break that can be entered
with the Enter or Return key.”

Please see LibreOffice Help - List of Regular Expressions

With Regards, lib

Lib, I had looked at the list of regular expressions but it takes some getting used to. Thanks for the clear explanation.