What is needed in crash report

When LibreOffice asks us if we want to send a crash report, I always say yes. It also asks us to provide further information. I have two questions about this:

  1. Do we need to provide further information for the crash report to be useful or is the crash report on its own useful?
  2. What information would make a crash report more useful? I imagine it would be helpful to know what we were doing at the time but is there anything else?

Many thanks to the volunteers for providing this wonderful program. I would like to do my best to make it even better.

Well, crash report is usually not enough to find and fix problem. Only in rarest cases it may be useful by its own.

The more complete your report would be, the easier it is for us to track the problem. And there’s no single complete recipe on this.

Please add as much as possible to allow others to reproduce the crash. A file that causes the problem; the sequence of keystrokes or clicks; hardware and software specifications (we only gather basic information in crashlogs, since we care about privacy).

A good report can mean easy reproducing and quick fixing, while just a bare crash log could stay useless for long, until statistics accumulate, or someone takes necessary steps to prepare a good report.

And Thank You for your interest in this topic!

Hi Mike, So, it sounds like the developers are losing out on a lot of information because users don’t know what would be helpful. What software specifications would be useful? Would it ever make sense to add something from the event viewer? Would it be possible to add a little form with basic information that we can fill out for the crash report? I think that many of us would like to contribute to making LibreOffice even more fabulous.