What is next-style-name?

What is the effect of style:next-style-name in a paragraph block style such as

<style:style style:name="Heading_20_1"
  style:display-name="Heading 1" style:family="paragraph"
  style:parent-style-name="Heading" style:next-style-name="Text_20_body"
  style:class="text" style:default-outline-level="1">
   <style:text-properties fo:font-size="115%" fo:font-weight="bold"
   style:font-size-asian="115%" style:font-weight-asian="bold"
   style:font-size-complex="115%" style:font-weight-complex="bold"/>


From a user point of view: Open the style&formatting window. You find the corresponding setting on the tab “Organizer”. From the help, “For paragraph styles, the next style is applied to the paragraph that is created when you press Enter.”

From file format point of view it is specified in Part 1, section 19.499 style:style, “Within styles for paragraphs, style:next-style-name attribute specifies the style to be used for the next paragraph if a paragraph break is inserted in the user interface. By default, the current style is used as the next style.”

If the cursor is at the end of paragraph and you press Enter to start a new paragraph, that new paragraph will have style which is defined by next-style-name.