What is the best 'import' method for reproducing a Google Docs document as a LibreOffice 'Writer' document?

What is considered the best way to import a Google Docs document into LibreOffice ‘Writer’?

In my experience, copying-&-pasting a Google Docs document into a blank LO html document doesn’t work very well.

In particular, both the ‘line spacing’ & ‘leading’** tend to be changed, and so far I haven’t found a way to adjust it to match the original. (Also, e.g., the shading of shaded text can look completely different.)

Replies appreciated.

** i.e., vertical white space above & below the line of text, usually dependent on ‘font size’

Doesn’t GDocs provide an export option to ODF or at least OOXML?

Use in Google Dosc menu File → Save as and select ODT or DOCX format. Save it on your PC. Then just open it in LibreOffice

Thanks for those replies. That method (“Save as ODT”) is definitely superior to copy-&-paste but I’ve found that it still requires a fair amount of clean-up, which in turn significantly limits the ability to go back and forth between the two applications.

I wondered whether there was another, possibly third-party, method that might be known to users of both Google Docs and LibreOffice that produced better post-conversion results.

Try another formats from menu Save as