What is the best way to format split columns followed by non-split sections constantly?

Sample for Formatting
I have been trying to transcribe a book with this formatting to a writer document. For now, I have been using different sections for the centered text and the split columns but I was wondering if there is a better way. A particular quality of the document to note is that the lines flow from one column to another and are only split to bring the rhyming parts in focus. This makes constant switching from one column to another very annoying.

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Do you mean a “Writer document” (ODF, with .odt filename extension)? Or that is an obsolete, and never standardized .doc file? Or a .docx?

Always use the native, international standard Open Document File formats for your important documents.

You can insert sections - with two coluns settings - manually only (or by some macros…).

The Paragraph styles have “Next style” property, but the Sections have not. This property will apply a different paragraph style after you hit Enter at the end of the actual paragraph.

Maybe you can write a macro for easy applying a two column Section and and a normal layout after it.

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Yes, I do mean a “Writer Document”

This is what I have been doing manually but I wondered if there is a better way. A Macro is a good idea but not ideal.

Your question is about layout of text (poetry?). As most of us can’t read Indian scripts, describe the structure of the book. Is it a sequence of 2-column “sections” where text flows from one column to the next (what are the limits of the sections?); then you have a break to restart in the first column. Or perhaps you have a single-column paragraph between 2-column sections.

According to the photo, is the left column right-aligned and the right column left-aligned? Or is it a sequence of single-line centered paragraphs with a wider gap in the middle? I also see that space between words is not always the same as if the lines were justified.

A precise description of this layout is necessarily to evaluate the possibility to recreate it with Writer.

Add section delimiter lines on the photo to isolate the various parts.

And, as always, mention OS name and LO version.

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