What is the difference between stable version & libreoffice-

What is the difference between stable version of TDF and libreoffice- in Fedora?

TDF has only -2.

Fedora package numbering uses upstream identification before the hyphen, i.e. is the source version retrieved from TDF. The number after the hyphen counts the number of times Fedora packages compiled the source with their own patches. Here 3 denotes the third series of patches. Patches are generally brought by packagers to make the application compatible with the distribution configuration: directories where global settings differ between distros and need to be customised, security may require special initialisation, …

For more information on Fedora naming, see this page and these examples.

I don’t know for TDF versioning.

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TDF builds don’t have any -2, only However, if on the Koji page you provided for you scroll down to (or search for) the Changelog you’ll see that revision has the entry Resolves: rhbz#1891326 suggest package install of the best pt-* langpack so it’s a fix for rhbz#1891326.