WHat is the HSQL version embedded in Libreoffice 6.1.5 Base?

IS it still Running 1.8 embedded? Is there any current development to update it?

It’s still there, but it’s no longer the default engine that has become Firebird.

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Is it possible to know which version of HSQL is embedded in every version of LibreOffice? I mean, is there a dialog or message that reveals this data? Something like the About dialog in Help menu… Or at least, in the wiki or Online Help pages?

v1.8 of HSQLDB has been the embedded DB for a very long time - to Open Office. See no change in that in the future as the next course was to use Firebird embedded. Have no clear picture if/how that is to be done.
To use other versions of HSQLDB, switch to a split database > Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database

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HSQLDB will be version 1.8.0. There won’t be changed anything. So you have to switch to an external version of HSQLDB if you want to use a newer version.

For LO is decided to use Firebird instead in future. But some parts of the implementation in LO are experimental, because it isn’t well integrated in the GUI. The current Version of Firebird could be seen with SELECT DISTINCT RDB$GET_CONTEXT('SYSTEM', 'ENGINE_VERSION') FROM "table". First there has been used version 2.5, since LO 5.3 it is 3.0.

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