What is the image size and resolution to use for document header?

I’ve tried 72/96/300/600 dpi to use an image/graphic for the header with positioning (align to middle-left) and failed to fit it to the set height. I tried editing the image using an external program to adjust the image to the suitable dimensions yet it is most likely oversized, probably due to high resolutions. The auto-fit height feature does not work to scale down the image to the set height either. I wish to use the highest resolution possible to preserve the high-quality image output and I don’t know what kind of properties the image should retain in order to correctly place it in the header section.

I made a using my own logo which I only have on the first page:

  • format: jpg
  • size:
    -------16.5 cm x 0.81 cm
    -------2048 x 212 pixel
    -------72 pixel per inch (print out quality)
    -------24 bits/pixel

In the test I made I had the same logo on all pages in the heading area.

You need to get the size right. dpi is a measure for resolution and thus is also related to the file size in terms of bytes. I edited the logo (image) in Impress and xnview. Print-out quality is good. I did not try but possibly I could even reduce the image quality (pixels / inch even more.

Hope it works for you. If not explain in details what you did.

72 dpi isn’t exactly a print out quality, IMHO. I use at 300 dpi for any professional documents and images. I am trying to use the highest dpi possible and the image is bloated every time it is applied to the header. I thought Writer was a WYSIWYG editor and I can’t really determine the optimal dpi for header images. I do hope that Writer will autoscale the image according to the set height, though.