What is the keyboard shortcut for changing writing direction?

I have LibreOffice 5 installed. On an older computer I have LibreOffice 3.something and on it I was able to set ‘left ctrl+left shift’ to change writing direction to left to right, and ‘right ctrl+right shift’ to change the direction to right to left - same as the shortcut I’m used to from years of Microsoft Office use.
However in Libre 5 I can’t find how to set a shortcut to ctrl+shift, I can’t find how to set shortcuts specifically to left or right ctrl and left or right shift, and I can’t find the default shortcut for changing writing directions (I guess it used to be ctrl+shift+D but that now shows software information or the like).
It would be best if I could set the shortcut the way I’m used to, but I would be happy to at least know the default shortcut for the current version (native language is right to left, but use English often as well, sometimes both within the same document).

Please and thank you (:

Actually, I don’t even know what these commands (set writing direction to right to left\left to right) are called, and so I can’t find them in the customization menu to change their shortcut even if I do decide to just choose a new keyboard shortcut and get used to it

On my system the settings are Ctrl+Shift+A → Left to Right; Ctrl+Shift+D → Right to Left. Don’t ask me why they didn’t use Ctrl+Shift+L and Ctrl+Shift+R instead (on looking at the keyboard I suddenly understood ;)), the first is unassigned (hint, hint), the second is assigned to Rulers, but you can change that easily. Ctrl+Shift +arrow keys has always been assigned to select text, words or lines at a time, in Word as well as here.

Thank you for taking the time to answer (:
However, I wasn’t talking about the arrow keys. Each keyboard has two shift keys and two ctrl keys, one of each on the right side and one of each on the left side. In Microsoft Office, when pressing the right shift and right ctrl at the same time the text shifts to left to right format, and when pressing the two on the right it shifts to right to left format. I was able to set Libre on my old PC the same way, but can’t on my new one.
Also, as I mentioned before, ctrl+shift+D is currently set to show software information.
Regardless, even if I do decide to just choose a new keyboard shortcut and get used to it, I don’t actually know what these commands (set writing direction to right to left\left to right) are called, and so I can’t find them in the customization menu to change their shortcut.

For me, Ctrl+Shift+D changes the text direction, I actually took the trouble to check that, I even set Hebrew as CTL language and checked that Ctrl+Shift+D really changes the text direction. What more do you want to be proved wrong?
LibreOffice isn’t MS Office. So stop whining about the differences. If you want LibreOffice to adopt these keyboard settings, ask for an enhancement in the issue tracker https://bugs.documentfoundation.org// This is not the place where such things are decided.

Well, (A) ctrl+shift+D does something else for me.
(B) Because I don’t know what this specific action is called in Libre terminology, I can’t find it to check its default shortcut/set a new one.
(C) sorry for being too whiney for you. appreciate and enjoy everything Libre is doing, and this specific inconvenience doesn’t change that. I’d still prefer to fix it, so I came here for help (not to be proven wrong). This is obviously no bug, so your link is useless. Enjoy your hard earned “karma”.

Also, the option I had in a previous version to customize keyboard shortcuts as I saw fit was great, and helped me switch over from Microsoft to Libre. Despite your elitist approach, THIS IS A GOOD THING. Either it’s no longer supported in this version, which is a shame, or I’m doing it wrong, in which case I hope someone help me out. Because I can’t find how to customize ctrl+shift with no additional keys, no shortcuts with specifically left\right shift.

On the Keyboard tab, Category list, select Format. In the Function list, select Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left, respectively.
For the rest, I’m just pragmatic, though I may sound elitist.

There you go, that was it. ctrl+shift+D was set to “About LibreOffice” and ctrl+shift+A was set to nothing for some reason. They are now set to direction changes.
Still strange not to have ctrl+shift on its own as a customizable shortcut and to not allow left shift and right shift to be separately customizable, but I’ll live.
Thank you (:

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If you want the left and right Ctrl keys to be configured separately, you will need to file an enhancement request at the issue tracker, where you also report bugs, I doubt very much that the developers will come here.