What is the keyboard shortcut for today's date?

It happens that one of the most useful shortcuts for me, in excel, was the shortcut for the current date, which is CTRL+; (and of course SHIFT+CTRL+; for current time). In Libre Office I can’t find this option. Does it exist?

I’m now a Mac user (yay!) and will feel far more comfortable once I’ve mastered this great software suite on this great machine.

Thank you both.

I’ve tried to assign a shortcut key for +; but there are no shortcuts in the list and, as yet, I don’t know how to add them. The obvious thing would be to use +; but that one doesn’t appear either! I may just edit an existing valid combination. Or read the Help… :slight_smile:

If you’re a mac-user, then most shortcuts that would use the control key on other platforms, use the command key on Mac OS X.

So <command>+; should work in calc, at least in English UI.

Note that in some keyboard layouts the semicolon is entered using <shift>+, - that means that the keys you would have to press are <command>+<shift>+,

Also note that in that case you will not be able to enter the current date, as you have to press shift, and that then switches the shortcut to insert it as time. (<ctrl>+<shift>)+; is indistinguishable from <ctrl>+(<shift>+,)

If you want it to display the date instead, you have to format the cell to display the date instead. Or assign a different shortcut to the insert date function.

Here is how to set it correctly if your keyboard has “;” over “,” on the same key (like german one). There is no +, combination; however there is +comma combination which in fact the same. Set +comma to insert current date and ++; to set current time and it will work as expected (at least on Linux it works). Probably it should be +comma on MAC.

Libre Office for mac will not accept ‘;’ and ‘,’ for keyboard shortcut