What is the largest number of characters that can be placed in a Base field?

Using ver., W10, If I need to enlarge the field is there anything else I should be aware of before I get to far. I have created a second table in which I copied I.D. number, first and last name, and the field in question. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


The size limit of a field is not determined by Base but rather by the database being used (yours is not mentioned) and the field type (Integer, Varchar, etc).

In addition to providing this information (database and field type) it would be helpful to actually know what you have currently and what is needed.

Base is delivered with both HSQLDB embedded and Firebird embedded so please do not say “Default”.

field type is vachar, HSQLDB embedded. Currently set for 200. The tables have to do with women that were allowed to vote for President in the U.S. in 1920. For some individuals there is the equivalent of one typed page of material. More than 1000 characters.


The HSQLDB embedded version with Base is v1.8. This is very old and why LibreOffice is working at using Firebird embedded (usable currently but still some issues but workarounds available). Another problem with HSQLDB embedded is the possibility of database corruption. The is noted in many places on this site and many others. This is especially true when dealing with larger amounts of data such as embedded images. Regular backups are recommended.

You can stick with HSQLDB but go to a split mode with a newer database version. This greatly reduces corruption. See this post → Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database.

With your current database I just tested a ‘varchar’ field set to a size of 2000 (believe 8000 is max) and inserted 1500+ characters of text. However this is better done with a field type of Memo[LONGVARCHAR]. This has a large amount of space available and will not restrict your data should it exceed your current expectations.

Thank you very much. I will work on it this weekend.