What is the most "stable" version of LibreOffice Online?

I understand the fact that no version of LibreOffice online is officially supported, and that Docker images - Docker Hub - are provided for development or personal use.

I have successfully managed to have it up and running, indeed, for personal use. There are some apparent bugs and issues, but it is overall usable.

However, if I use the Docker image provided by the TDF it is based on the current Libreoffice 6.4 alpha. Again, for personal use, I don’t mind having some issues, but I wonder if there is a suggested version that should be installed for more consistent behaviour and to make it less likely that I’ll have issues when opening files with a slightly less recent versions of LibreOffice.

Collabora seems to offer some more options, so I suppose I could take if from there - Docker Hub

Are there other suggestions on what is the best way to install the latest version of Libreoffice Online based on e.g. Libreoffice 6.2?