What is the PDF file size limit?

I have pdf files that are very large – 350MB – and Libre 4.3 crashes when trying to load.
What is the file size limit? Or is something else the problem?

How do you load the pdf-File?

The PDF file format was designed for reading and printing and for a long time compatibility.
The LO Draw has a limited capability of the PDF editing feature.
The result depends on the content types of the PDF file. If it contains huge pixe size pictures, then the RAM size will be a limit. The PDF version of the Andrew Pitonyak’s macro book (about 7 MiB) opens in a few minutes for me in my LO 6.2.8 Draw application. It contains many (but OPTIMIZED) images on more than 600 pages.

How many RAM the computer has? This must be the limit.

At opening a 4.77 MB PDF file, LibreOffice memory usage passes from approximately 20 MB to more than 1.6 GB (and continues upward; I killed the process).

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.