What is the "Python Library" like for Calc?

I use a CAD system where the “scripting” language (WizoScript) is derived from Iron Python. The author of WizoScript says, “If the library is written in 100% python then it might work.” Hence my question. TIA

ok … what is the real question??

probably the easiest way is the use of the third-party-package :


they are both written in pure python.
they need no running instance of Libreoffice.

The title.

The question is, "Is there a library of “access” to Libre Office Calc that is “compatible” with Iron Python. I would like to access data from “.ods” format files rather than having to “save them” in “.xslx” format to use the “library” available in the “scripting language” (Iron Python derived).

OK, so how would I find this “third party package?” Irrational minds want to know…

omg …
you want to find these packages, so click on this or that

Thank you for your suggestions. This is an arena in which -i- would have to “work UP” to not knowing or understanding a bloody thing about it! The author of “WizoScript” asks, “Has anybody confirmed that these libraries will work with IronPython.” I realize that I am sounding pretty STUPID on this subject, but that is the honest truth.

It seems I can’t do further help in this topic, because IronPython depends on the .net-Framework of Windows, and there is nothing to easy install nativly on my Linux-Os.
maybe you should ask for help on stackoverflow

Thanks for your attempt to resolve this for me. My problem is that my “programming experience” was 1970’s and 1980’s vintage. You use it or you lose it – and I have “lost it.”

What -I- want to do is: (1) Open Calc “workbooks,” be able to select “worksheets,” read a value from a “worksheet,” write a value to a “worksheet,” and save and close the “workbook” from in my “WizoScript” program. I, who learned FORTH and BCPL waayyy back when, am totally “lost” in Python.