What is the right license? LGPL or MPL?

According to the information published on the official website www.libreoffice.org in the “Licenses” section LibreOffice is free software and available under the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL v2.0). Full text of the license agreement is reproduced below on the same page.

We know that LibreOffice was relicensed from LGPL to Mozilla Public License in 2012.

But up until now, on the Russian version of the website ru.libreoffice.org it is stated that the source code of LibreOffice is the subject to the LGPL v3. Also, the website asks to read the LGPL, terms of which “are applied to LibreOffice” (see О нас » LibreOffice).

In our opinion, these two statements from the official website www.libreoffice.org and the website ru.libreoffice.org bring inconsistencies for software users and create legal inaccuracies.

We ask you to clarify the situation and answer which of the licenses is valid for the LibreOffice software code base.

You ask who? other users who are the community of this site?

Please read the site’s How to use. Note this quote from that page:

If you have private legal or security questions regarding LibreOffice or the LibreOffice project, please email legal@documentfoundation.org or officesecurity@lists.freedesktop.org, respectively.

Though @mikekaganski is absolutely right and I’m neither an advocate nor a developer but saw some source code files. And my opinion is: Legally absolute irrelevant what - may be deprecated - websites tell. The license in a source file overrules any other statement and all files I saw contain the MPL v2.0 header (and according to the logic of this statement: This statement is also absolutely irrelevant related to legal terms:-))

There is only one definite answer and binding license statement: the original license page.

If any localized sub-page says different that should be changed by the responsible natural language team.