What is the status of LibreOffice online

When reading the wiki, I got the impression that it was already possible to run LibreOffice on a server/browser (although not out of the box). So I went and downloaded libreoffice-, compiled it with

./configure --without-java --enable-gtk3 --enable-static-gtk --prefix=$HOME/test/soffice --without-doxygen --with-system-cairo

and tried to run it with

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 GDK_BACKEND=broadway test/soffice/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice -calc

Unfortunately it just started regularly, no open ports.

So what is the status of this feature? The wiki page was not touched over a year. To me it seems like a shame not to push such a feature.

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Hi @Zulan,

Good question!

As you probably know, the run-in-a-browser feature is not officially supported yet. If you are having an issue building and running this test build, please check in on the developer list or on the #libreoffice-dev IRC channel. The devs there will hopefully be able to help you identify what’s going wrong in your build.


What I have learned so far is, that this feature is generally enabled by the ‘broadwell’ technology in GTK (could have guessed that ;)). A test with GDK_BACKEND=broadway gedit crashed, so I will now investigate into simple gtk examples first.

There is a really interesting VDI solution open-source theqvd.com in terms of libre-online I have a personal opinion that I would like to see a multitude of applications from gimp to scribus online.

It would be better to collaborate for a solution to bring online all applications without the need for 3d and multimedia. Theqvd.com can do that but also it can be simply set to provide 2D applications. What sets it apart from other solutions is the isolation of each client to a virtual machine. They have raised the bar here and used a desktop via LXC so that only a single kernel is required.
So its a matter of full complete application (desktop) online with clients for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. I am pretty excited about the latter as VDI to tablets in a internet of things is a very current and interesting solution.

I would like to know what others think. VDI solution for an ubuntu / suse application server Vs Individual web ports such as Libre-Online.

Many Thanks