What is this line, and how do I get rid of it?

It’s a line across the width of the page. It looks like a page break, but is not related to the length of the page. It instead occurs at random points in the text, and can be moved up or down a bit by using the return button, but it’s mighty difficult to remove. Even if I can successfully get rid of one, there are always more lines like it, earlier or later in the text.

Real page breaks have disappeared, so I can’t tell what page I’m really o; instead Libre is counting how many of these new lines have appeared, but the lines might be only an inch apart.

I’d like to eliminate these lines, and bring back page breaks.

Free psychic coffee for anyone with an answer. Thanks.

How do you expect we can diagnose the issue? There is absolutely no beginning of a shadow of technical data, not even LO version nor OS name. You didn’t enable View>Formatting Marks so that we can’t guess in any way what is inside your file. Your screenshot doesn’t show either the “extent” of the page.

Edit your question (don’t start a conversation; this will only confuse more the question) to attach your file or an anonymised version of it if needed but still exhibiting the problem.

By chance, are you in View>Web mode?

Excellent — thank you, kind stranger.

Switching to View > Web, and then back to View > Normal cleared
whatever was the issue.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life!