What is up with the Base database wizard?!

After failing to get the SQLite ODBC driver to work reliably, I decided to go with PostgreSQL. I thought that with the native SDBC driver things should go smoothly. Not exactly! In the databse wizard, I chose “Connect to an existing database: Postgresql”.

Then for datasource: host=localhost dbname=postgres, Test connection: “The connection was established successfully.”

Go back, and change connection to host=localhost dbname=mydatabase, fill in the user and password, and get: “A driver is not registered for the URL host=localhost dbname=mydatabase”.

Wait, did I not set up my roles correctly or so? I go back, try again with host=localhost dbname=postgres, and get: “A driver is not registered for the URL host=localhost dbname=postgres”. What?

Clearly the connection string is not the only variable determining whether I can connect.

If I cancel out of the wizard and start again, at first I can connect succesfully. But go back one step inside the wizard and try again, and the connection fails. Sometimes the error message looks slightly different, e.g.:
“A driver is not registered for the URL ~sdbc:postgresql:host=localhost dbname=postgres.” (Note the ~sdbc:postgresql: ).

With the PostgreSQL driver I can at least create a connection that keeps working, but still: is this a bug, and could the problems with the connection format in the wizard also be causing my problems with SQLite ODBC?

(Windows 10 64-bit, LibreOffice, Postgres 11.2).

File a Bug report. Doubt it has anything to do with your SQLite situation - different databases & different connectors/types.

Once you create a successful connection in PostgreSQL, you can modify the database pointed to without problem. Appears this is only a problem in the initial wizard.