What is wrong with my native mysql connection?

I am running LibreOffice on Windows 8. I have installed the MySQL Connector 1.0.1 extension. I have a web application using PHP and MySQL running successfully on a Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP server. I am trying to use Base to connect to my MySQL databases on the server. Using the database wizard, I select “connect directly”, I enter my database name and server name (I have also tried using the server IP address), I enter the User Name and password. When I test the connection, I receive the error “Invalid for this platform protocol requested(MYSQL_PROTOCOL_SOCKET)” and am unable to access the database. What could be the source of my difficulty here?

If you try to connect locally on your ubuntu server, does it work? Also, are you sure you aren’t connecting via TCP/IP rather than sockets?

Perhaps http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/32134/how-can-i-determine-the-connection-method-used-by-a-mysql-client is a helpful link, and especially this http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/3213 answer

It sounds, from the message, that you are trying to connect to your mysql via a network protocol that is not supported. Depending on your server setup, this could be either TCP/IP or Unix sockets. By default, the server is configured for Unix sockets (at least, on most Linux servers). If you don’t have Unix socket support in your Win installation, you won’t be able to establish a connection, which is why most people use TCP/IP, and this requires the server to be specifically opened for listening on a TCP/IP port.

Also, I’m a bit surprised that you are using a 1.0.1 version of the connector. With the move to LibreOffice 4.x, that mysql connector was bumped to version 1.0.2, so perhaps it is the connector causing the issues ?

Hoping this helps others if they find their way here.

I ran into this same issue after upgrading to LO 4.2. Trying to connect from a LO base on windows to a MySQL server on Ubuntu. Somewhere on the web (cant remember now) I found a reference that the 1.0.1 Connector was written against LO 4.1.x. After downgrading to Libreoffice 4.1 from 4.2 everything works again.

I guess the connector has to be updated for 4.2. I looked for more recent versions of the connector but did not find them at the time.

After upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04, the (new) Base native MySQL connector failed with the error message identified above. I removed the (new) MySQL connector and installed the (old) MySQL Connector for OpenOffice.org version 1.0.1. This (old) connector appears to work correctly. Based on the fact that an old connector works, I would assume that there is a bug in the new MYSQL connector distributed with LibreOffice Version:


PS: MySQL Connector for OpenOffice.org version 1.0.1 works with LibreOffice Version:, so there is no need to “downgrade”.

There is this bug report: "libreoffice Mysql connector fails over network" I would suggest adding comments to the bug report if your are also experiencing this issue.