What is wrong with the paste function icon?

LibreOffice calc 4.3.
The paste function on spreadsheet shows grey. Does not allow me to paste. Indicates no selection possible.

Sorry! I’m using our software and its predecessors for 20 years now, but I don’t know a ‘Paste Function’ icon. What do you mean? Are you talking of the icon calling the ‘Function Wizard’ , of another element of the formula bar, or of something else?

I assume @woodridge means the “paste” icon.

Ok! I was seemingly misled by too strictly relating the question to its tag ‘calc’.

The only reasons I can imagnine for preventing ‘Paste’ (whether by clicking the icon or using Ctrl+V or going through the ‘Edit’ menu) is that the sheet was protected or that it was opened in read-only mode. What does the context menu of the sheet’s tab show? is the icon ‘Edit File’ set active?

@Lupp - I share you considerations. Additionally the clipboard could just simply be empty.

Well I have this problem in writer at the moment. If is try to past special the response is . The document isn’t read only and if I past it works (ie the clipboard is not empty. So maybe the original poster did have a problem.

Also see this entry “Copy, Paste and Clipboard Issues”