What key combinations can be used to switch between tabs in the Notebookbar?

When LibreOffice first released the Notebookbar feature it was very solidly a mouse-only experience, but I notice that the tabs now have underlined letters, as if it were wired to allow for a key combination that will let you switch between tabs as you work.

For example: the Insert tab has the “I” underlined in the tab label ("_I_nsert").

The problem is, I can’t figure out what the actual trigger is to switch tabs. Ctrl doesn’t work (Ctrl+i is the italic command in writer). Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Shift, and Ctrl+Shift+Alt also don’t seem to work. The Windows and function buttons don’t seem to do it either.

Has anyone ever used the keyboard to swtich between Notebookbar tabs? If it’s not possible to do that, why are the tab titles marked as if they recognize keystrokes?

UPDATED: I’ve been getting the alt and ctrl keys flipped around in my head all day. Ctrl+i is italic. Alt+i just doesn’t do anything.


To access the Insert tab in the Groupedbar Compact, press F6, Alt+i, Enter.

Try pressing F6 twice or more, before Alt+i, Enter.

It works in LO and LO (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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This sequence doesn’t appear to work in LO 6.4.4. F6 does shift focus to the button bar in the active tab, though.