What keys do I use for single quotes?

When I press and hold ALT and typed in U+2018 (single quote) or ALT+2018 I do not get a single quote but this character Ò. What keys do I use to get single quotes 2018 and 2019?

The answer to this question can depend on the operating system you are using. On my English Linux LibreO system you can enter Unicode characters by holding down CTRL + SHIFT and then entering your code U2018 or U2019. You can also use the INSERT > SPECIAL CHARACTERS > GENERAL PUNCTUATION function.

If you look at HELP > QUOTES > CUSTOM, you will find that you can define the FORMAT > Autocorrect function to overwrite the keyboard quotation character (") on the English keyboard and use the single quotes instead. This will save a deal of typing… Hope this helps… Peter

For myself, the default action with LO/OO under both Linux & Windows has been to replace both single & double quotes with ‘curly’ quotes as I type. You can find the setup for this as follows (T='while you type) (M=‘modify existing text’)

Menu:-Tools Autocorrect Options... Localised Options

(tick to switch on) (these are the defaults):-

  • Single quotes:- replace '' (U+0027) with ‘’ (U+2018)(U+2019)
  • Double quotes:- replace "" (U+0022) with “” (U+201C)(U+201D)