What LibreOffice version should I download?

Neither of the two word processing versions available seem appropriate for me. I am not a tech enthusiast (version 5.3) or an enterprise (version 5.2.5). I am simply an individual seeking free word processing. I’ve been using Microsoft Word for many years but do not want to buy it for my new Lenovo Flex 3 laptop. It has Windows 10 Pro with 64 bit OS, 3.8 GB usable RAM and Intel Core processor.

Get the still version, that’s more stable than the fresh one, and that’s especially important if you aren’t a whiz kid.

edit Version 5.1.6 or 5.2.5 are probably fine for you. 5.3 has more bugs and is less stable, so you shouldn’t use that for work. Regardless of the version that you download, remember to save files in the native format of LibreOffice.

I’ve been using for the last month, upgraded from 5.1.3 because of some bugs that are fixed in the newer one.
I also use LO to exchange Word .docx files with my editor, and the compatibility seems pretty good. Though certainly not perfect. You’ll find if you save a LO file as .docx, LO will generate thousands of paragraph style, all with different names, that are mostly the same style.