What older version of LO will run on Mac 10.6.8?

I have LO version It won’t open the latest LO 6.3.7_Mac.


according to Documentation/System Requirements - The Document Foundation Wiki the last supported LibreOffice version for macOS 10.6 is:

Hope that helps.

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Hello Opaque:
Thanks for responding to my query.
A friend also pointed me (soon after posting to you) to the DocumentFoundation website. From them, I downloaded the recommended But when I attempted to open it, it said I needed 10.8 and after. So the table of Systems Requirements on their website isn’t accurate. Or someone has programed the downloads with the same message. In fact, for fun I downloaded my present version of LO (, and got the identical message: 10.8 only…
These are all versions I tried:

Can this be an undoubtable fact which nobody yet reported?
I cannot imagine that the package offered by TDF was changed after its original make.
The timestamp of 4.7.2 for Mac is 2015-04-22T16:16. Do you think “they” later changed the content and faked the timestamp? Do you think it never worked with OSX 10.6?
I would rather assume there is something wrong with the installing routine on your system.

Whatever the case(s), none of the downloads work with my 10.6.8. I opened the DMG and placed the program in the appropriate Mac Applications folder, then attempted to open each one. The same message appeared.

I ran into the same issues with installing on Lion, but it just took a little trial and error to find the solution.
Yes, the version does work for Lion 10.7.5 and most likely 10.6.8, but it cant use the x86_64 versions. I had both and work fine on my 2007 MacBook Pro as long as I used the 32-bit x86 versions.

Here is the specific download that I used:

You can definitely try other ones, I’ve only tried the two I listed earlier, but try the x86 specific ones instead of the x86_64 versions.

Entire index of old versions: