What setting allows greek letters in math formulas to default to non-italic?

In the past, when I used the standard installation of LibreOffice on Ubuntu MATE 16.04, the greek characters in math formulas were non-italic by default. Now that I have replaced the operating system with a standard installation of Ubuntu MATE 18.04, when I use LibreOffice the greek letters in math formulas are italic by default. Does there exist a setting to control the default behavior of the greek letters in math formulas?

To come back to pre 5.2 behaviour where %alpha gives non italic alpha and %ialpha gives the italic one, go to Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Advanced → Open Expert Configuration. There, search for GreekCharStyle property and change its value (double click) from 2 (default since 5.2) to 0 (the non standard, highly hated by physicist and mathematicians, pre 5.2 behaviour).

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