What to do when I need help but get locked out?

Hi, my first question on how to have a yes or no in a form field was answered by Robert but his suggestions didn’t work and he didn’t respond to my follow-up.

I asked others to help but they must think it was solved, so I reposted and got locked out for duplicate post.

What can I do to get the help I need for this question?
Thank you,

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You have started a thread. And then you could only wait if someone answers. Might be an answer will reaches some minutes later. Might be it is some days. But never start the same thread again.

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You can edit your question, and add the info asked for other users, add a reduced sample file, add the LibreOffice version, add the operating system. All this helps to understand the question (and move it to the top of the list).

(This is from your first question) What have you tried? We can guess, but guessing have its limitations.

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Hi Robert,
To help you understand, I’m taking the early steps of moving our small manufacturing company away from windows and ms-office applications, and other stand alone applications such as the 80’s Borland’s Paradox database to LibreOffice. (With much resistance from some employees)

In Paradox, I could easily set a Yes/No, Urgent/ASAP, etc field masks with defaults in initial table setup.

It seems Base doesn’t have that capability but instead uses workarounds.

I rather not use list dropdowns, combos for such simple two choice fields.
Thank you

Hi Leroy,
After much trial and error I was only able to get a yes/no, text(varchar) field,
Replace with:List box,
List entries:“No”;“Yes”,
Data Tab:Type of list contents:Valuelist.

To work.
Thank you

Post this in your question, please. Excuse me, but I was not clear in my reply.
Here we are discussing why your second question was locked. Thanks.

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Hi Leroy, If you mean copy and paste what I wrote here to my first post, I cant, it’s locked.

The second is locked. See the links that I added to your question at the top.

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Ok, I’ll try to put question in there.

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Hi Leroy and Robert,
This is the only place I can post, so I’ll continue here.

I don’t see where or how to change “null”, and I also need restrictions for other fields that are not yes and no, such as asap/urgent. Thank you

If you can post here, you can post there. Go there, edit your question, or (if not allowed) add a comment. Thanks.

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Okay, I’ll try.