What would the formula be to create a checkbook register

I was trying to keep the question simple but apparently didn’t give enough information. I want a spread sheet with column headings: date, check#, transaction description, debit, credit and balance. On each row I will input either check data (debit) or credit data . I want to see the balance after each row that data is added. For each row if there is a debit, it should be subtracted from the balance and if there is a credit, it should be added to the balance. I’m only asking about the debit, credit, balance part. I hope I made myself clearer.

Hello @Bella1,
Suppose your opening balance is in cell I1 ( i1 ),
and that your debit, credit, and balance are in columns D, E, and F,
then you could write as formula in cell F2:


then as formula in cell F3:



In OP’s case, the example given has Debit in D and Credit in E, so "=E1-D1"

@Bella1 i updated my answer based on your added information.

here is a quick sample spreadsheet as a guide.


Thanks robleyd, That’s what I want but how do I make the rest of the balance column blank when there are no entries in the debit/credit columns?

Thanks robleyd. That is what I want but if I copy and paste the formula down the balance column, how can I get the cells after t he last balance entry to be blank?

In my example sheet, replace F3 with


and copy or drag down.

Well, I entered the new formula and all it did was spell out the formula. Are there supposed to be spaces between the ; and the “”? Also there are red wavy underlines under the ISBLANK’s like it doesn’t like the spelling

Put it in the Input line at the top, not in the cell itself. And don’t forget the = sign at the beginning.

Thanks for your suggestions, robleyd.
This web site works for me: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Simple-Checkbook-Register-With-Microsoft-Excel
Problem solved.