What's an easy workflow for taking notes and pasting in screen captures from Windows 11 Snipping Tool

I’m using Windows 11 and when on discord watching a presentation I have Writer open and am taking notes. I use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot then (Ctrl V) paste it into Writer. After that I’d like to drop down under the pasted capture and continue on with my notes but the paste won’t line up and the text won’t go under the pasted capture. When I paste another one the more difficult it becomes.

Am I not using the proper program for this or is there an easier way to do this in Writer or one of the other Libreoffice programs? I’m looking for a quick simple way to do this so as not to miss any of the presentation.

Thanks for the help.

Before pasting the screenshot, try to enter an extra empty paragraph. Then, move the cursor above this empty paragraph and paste. Since you now have a paragraph below the image, you can continue your notes there. Does it work?

PS1: enable View>Formatting Marks to have better clues about what is really in your document and see the existing paragraphs.

PS2: when asking here, always mention OS name (done), LO version (missing) and save format (most fixes are only valid and persistent with .odt).

You can also choose Edit>Direct Cursor Mode from the menu.
Then you just need to click at a certain distance from the inserted image below and write again.

Do you want the image pasted As Character, that is just like a letter so you paste then press ESC, do a space or a return and carry on writing? The images will not overlap. You can set it as default.

Click Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Formatting Aids then Under Image > Anchor set As Character in the drop down box.

[Edit] Added missing step. Thanks Mike


… and then, after pasting the image, press Esc and continue typing.


Finally got a chance to put these to the test and see what works best for me. Thanks for all your input I do appreciate it. The solution that EarnestAl and mikekaganski had was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for your solutions and guidance.