What's the tie between Thunderbird/email client and LibreOffice

I just had to revert back to 7.05. I installed 7.06 yesterday and Libre 7.06 thinks I don’t have proper permissions to save updated files in their original location. 7.05 has no problem with that. In the course of doing this, I had to uninstall Libre 7.06 to re-install 7.05. While doing that, the uninstaller required me to shut down my email client, Thunderbird. That made me wonder why? What’s the connection between my email client and LibreOffice? I thought it might have something to do with email addresses appearing in Writer but URLs also appear there and I didn’t need to shut down my browsers. This is just a curiosity.

I suppose Thunderbird uses one of the same resources that LibreOffice uses and LibreOffice can’t update it while it is open. It could just have easily been Brother Print Centre or Firefox. Happily, the installer program can ask for help from you.

Back to 7.0.6.x, maybe you want to have a look at Where is info on locked docs? or wait till a newer version becomes the stable version before looking at it.

I don’t have a good enough grasp of low-level stuff so I can’t imagine what resource LO and TBird would both need to use. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with the nature of the application but some subtask that each of the 2 apps have in common.
I already had soffice.bin allowed through Controlled Folder Access. I don’t recall exactly what the issue was but I had to set that up in Vista or Win 7 and kept a note of it in my ‘things to do when setting up a new computer’ file.
Your message did prompt me to double check that the last Win10 update I applied didn’t delete it. Timing suggests its related to 7.0.6. When I went to save the first file I worked on after installing 7.0.6 the permissions message popped up and I couldn’t save it to an internal drive (it did save to a flash drive). After reverting back to 7.0.5 everything worked fine. I’ll just wait until the next significant update (7.1?). 7.0.5 works just fine for my purposes.
Thanks for your response!