When Calc window not in focus, cell contents invisible

Dear fellow LibreOffice workers, here my first post after seriously trying to get rid of MS Office 2003.

I often need to compare two Calc sheets next to another. But there is a difficulty: the sheet without focus does not show the cell contents: the Inputline at the top becomes empty.
Note1: this is only the case when there are two or more Calc windows. Losing the focus to another program does not lose the visibility of the inputline. Maybe, does this have to do with “only one instance” of Calc?
Note2: In Excel this is not the case: cell contents remain visible between two spreadsheets next to each other.

Is there maybe a setting that I don’t know about?

I work in Win10 with LibreOffice

And now that I’m at it:
When several cells are selected, the main selected cell is visible, and the selection is shown in the Name Box. But without focus on the window, the selected cell is no more visible. And the Name Box also gets to be empty. Also inconvenient.

Thanks for any help.

Update: added the fact that this problem only occurs with two Calc windows, not with other programs.

There is a bug report tdf#81636. Not possible to view two formulas at the same time in different Calc instances . Please add there your comment .