When exporting a Writer document to PDF, it is named after my template + is hardly readable by people

I’m using a custom template for my LibreOffice Writer documents. Either when I export/fast export a document to PDF (under Ubuntu 21.10 + LibreOffice, and I open them with a PDF reader, it is named after my template’s name, with my document’s name as a subtitle.

Plus, it is very frequent that people tell me that my PDF documents cannot be read on their end. I could never confirm this (it’s working fine with my hard/software).

Does anybody have an idea, please ?

Before you export to PDF, check the title in the document properties. Normally, documents inherit template names as their titles.

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Unless you are using Times New Roman or Arial (or OS equivalent) then tick the box in the pdf dialogue to embed fonts.

@gabix I’ve checked this, didn’t seem to work.

@EarnestAl Could not find the box you’re talking about. Selecting PDF/A1-b or A2-b didn’t improve things.

Sorry, I was wrong, embed fonts used to be an option but seems to be default now.
It might just be a fault with their pdf reader, or you are using Type 1 font(s). Type 1 fonts are being retired so best to find a substitute TTF or OTF.

I’m using EB Garamond, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a Type 1 font

The EB Garamond font family I have (from Google Fonts) contains variable fonts and static fonts. Any support for variable fonts in LibreOffice is accidental. It might be best to check that you have the static fonts installed rather than the variable font.

The Readme says

If your app fully supports variable fonts, you can now pick intermediate styles that aren’t available as static fonts. Not all apps support variable fonts, and in those cases you can use the static font files for EB Garamond:

As an experiment, I installed the variable non-italic version of EB Garamond and was surprised to see that it worked, showing regular, ExtraBold, Semibold, & Medium. The pdf I exported with those variations, sadly, contained only the regular version but did open in Adobe reader and a couple of other pdf readers as well as Firefox. It might not be the reason others cannot open your pdfs but it is worth checking.

Later: Out of curiosity, using text in different weights of variable EB Garamond, I experimented with Print to PDF (Adobe Acrobat CS5 and Bullzip) in both cases the text looked correct weights but all text was rendered as curves

I’ve found similar issues with people on Ubuntu/Linux distributions : LibreOffice Writer export pdf does not embed fonts

There were many, seemingly unconnected issues with the initial LO 6.4 version that Ubuntu supplied when Ubuntu 20 first came out. Purging, downloading and installing LO from repository was common fix.
It doesn’t apply to your installation

Alright, I figured something out for the template’s name being used as the document’s name.

It seems to be a known issue for quite a while now (PDF Export Takes on Template Name in PDF Tab). The workaround was to open my template (template manager, right click, “Edit”), go to “File > Properties > Description”, and set “Title” as blank. Not sure where to report this as a known bug, though.

Regarding the fonts not being displayed, I’ll run some other tests.